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My passion for motorcycles and racing started back in 1973 when I got my first bike, a Suzuki TM 100. Three years later I bought a 1976 RM 125 and started racing Motocross. 26 years and countless bikes later I’m still excited about the sport of Motocross and I enjoy sharing that excitement with others. 

My involvement in the sport includes 2 years as the President of the Last Chance Riders Association (our local club), 6 years as the President of the High Country Motocross Association (our state organization) and thousands of hours at the track to work and play (mostly play). During my Motocross racing career I have won 16 Montana State Championships. 1 in the 125 intermediate, 9 in the 30+ Pro-am, 4 in the 40+ Pro-am and 2 in the 125 Pro-am.

I have two boys, ages 18 and 21 who are both very involved in racing and riding.  My youngest son, Brad was 1 week old when he went to his first Motocross race but he waited until he was 5 years old to start riding. For the 2008 season he will be riding the 250 & Open Int. classes.  Jay was a little older when he went to his first race, about 4 months. He started riding a Suzuki 50cc 3 Wheeler when he was 4 years old but for the 2008 season he will start riding the 250 & Open Pro-am classes.

Then there is my wife, Diane, she has been going to races for 25+ years but has never ridden a single moto.  She is always there to make sure everyone is taken care of and to patch us up when we get injured.  She is the only reason that I have been able to do this for as long as I have.  I hope she is ready for at least another 20 years because I have no plans of retiring anytime soon and I’m sure the boy’s don’t either.